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Panhou Retreat
Panhou Retreat



Resort Oasis in the heart of Hoang Su Phi

Panhou Retreat is the perfect combination of nature and culture. Entering the resort, the cultural imprint of the Dao people has been clearly depicted through each decorative motif. The layout is simple and delicate that giving visitors the most comfortable experience, feeling the best of the surrounding mountains and forests.

Panhou Retreat was born from a fate. In 2004, Mr. Michele, Ms. Phuong – 2 founders of Panhou Retreat passed through Hoang Su Phi land and stopped at Thong Nguyen to rest. They were conquered by the terrain and landscape here so they decided to take a break. intend to invest in building a resort in here. Hardly anyone can imagine that there is an oasis rising up in the midst of majestic mountains and forests. Panhou Retreat is truly an “oasis” in the heart of Hoang Su Phi where you open your eyes, you will see mother nature patting you.

Ha Giang is a land with bold cultural imprints of the highland ethnic people. Therefore, Panhou Retreat want to become a cultural destination associated with nature for tourists. It is also the reason that each brick and each decorative motif are boldly Daoist.


Sustainable Tourism

Nature Place

The resort space is completely in harmony with nature. With fresh air and the green colors of plants, Panhou Retreat will help you have completely relaxed moments and fully awaken all your senses!

Unique Cuisine

The cuisine is unique and diverse which is prepared by highly skilled chefs. Both local dishes and delicious European dishes are attractive from first sight to the last bite.

Original culture

Discover the original culture and activities such as visiting Tay and Dao villages, trekking terraces, learning to knit nets, learning how to produce and process famous Shan Tuyet tea and participating in the highland market every weekend.

Healthy Activities

You can also experience moments of true relaxation with services at the resort such as taking a herbal bath of the Red Dao people, participating in Meditation and Yoga classes

Panhou Retreat has a system of rooms with windows and rooms with balconies. With a room with a private balcony, guests can relax in the lush green forest surrounding the resort. Panhou Retreat has 4 room categories for visitors to choose from.




Enjoy wonderful moments in the space of the Superior Window Room at Panhou Retreat.




Immerse yourself into the fresh air from the windy balcony of the Deluxe Balcony room at Panhou Retreat.




With the wonderful beauty in the midst of green nature, the Suite rooms at Panhou Retreat are the place to take you away from the bustle of daily life




Dormitory room has a view overlooking the green space of the resort. The storage area and the bathroom are designed to be private and spacious


The Experiences

At Panhou Retreat, we always take care of our customers’ health. We believe that the freshness and comfort in the resort space as well as many relaxing activities or delicious food served daily will contribute to your wonderful experience, helping you to gain better health after the hard work when coming to Panhou Retreat!


The Exploration

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