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Please find below the hiking days we recommend during your stay at Pan Hou village.
A trek day begins at 9am and ends in the afternoon, depending on walking pace and the itinerary chosen, by between 15 and 16h. Lunch for participants are provided as part of our services.
They are leaded by a local guide, member of a minority of the Song Chay Mountains (our local guides only speak Vietnamese).
The walking duration and height differences noted in our documents are only approximations: we can possibly adapt our routes according to your expectations and the level of your group.

Your hike day start at 9am after your breakfast . At the beginning of the walk, you pass through a village of Yao with long tunics who have settled their house on pillar on the mountainside. You will go through the rice fields in terraces, the bamboo forests.
The group stops at a Red Dao House . The family is welcoming you with a cup of local tea. You can either rest while waiting for lunch or join your local guide to assist him in the preparation of the meal.
The walk will continue in the afternoon to a Tay village in the valley. The group will then follow the river to return to Panhou Village.

Walking duration: 4h30-5h.  Topography:+300m/-300m

The bird songs who have found refuge in the gardens of Pan Hou Village adds to the calm of this place in the heart of the Song Chay mountains. After breakfast, you will depart by foot to the nearby mountain. The day walk begins his assension and the passage of a neck Promite. The landscape widened to more distant mountains which seem to be moving towards the undulations of feeders terraced slopes.
You arrive in a village of Red Dao. The women wear a bright red dress and a shiny brocade and cultivate medicinal plants which are used to cure muscle pain, arthritis, flu, or just relax …After having lunch, your walk continue throught the rice terraces, the reliefs and the tea plantations, then towards a village of Yaos with long tunic and Pan Hou Village.

Walking duration: 4h30-5h.  Topography:+400m/-400m

You have the opportunity before your hike day to enjoy your breakfast at the Pan Hou Village restaurant and if you got up early to discover the gardens of the eco lodge managed by the tays gardeners.
You leave with your local guide at 9am to explore the nearby mountains through tropical forests and rice terraces.
You stop in a village of the Red Dao for lunch. By necessity, they have sculpted the mountain and its rivers to grow rice, the main food of their meal. These painful adjustments enable them to live in the heights and, by the way, offer you unique landscapes to contemplate. The cooler climate and fresh water in abundance also contribute to the growth of lush tea trees.
You keep walking in the afternoon through manioc fields, bamboo forests, tea plantations, then a village of Yao with Long tunic and finally Pan Hou.

Walking duration: 5 hours.  Topography: +400m/-400m


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