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pan hou retreat


The Stay

Each room at Panhou Retreat is boldly characterized by Dao culture. The interior is made entirely of wood and decorated with many trees to bring the most delicate and comfortable resort space for visitors. The colors are gently coordinated, creating accents with small details such as wall paintings, blankets or lights.

Panhou Retreat has a system of rooms with windows and rooms with balconies. With a room with a private balcony, guests can relax in the lush green forest surrounding the resort.

Panhou Retreat has 4 room categories for visitors to choose from. Check out Panhou’s 4 room categories and choose for yourself a comfortable resort!



Enjoy wonderful moments in the space of the Superior Window Room at Panhou Retreat.

When the first rays of sunlight fell, Thong Nguyen seemed to be infused with purity and brightness. The green color full of vitality of the mountains and forests, the pure yellow covering Panhou in the early mornings and the sunset by the window brings us back to the wild and beautiful nature.

In the space of the Superior Window Room – a high-class resort room with light-filled windows at Panhou, privacy, silence and closeness to nature will help you feel secured and relaxed to gather, and review the interesting activities of the day.

  • 12 Rooms
  • Double or Twin Beds
  • 30 sqm.
  • 2 Adults 1 children



Immerse yourself into the fresh air from the windy balcony of the Deluxe Balcony room at Panhou Retreat.

How wonderful it is to wake up in the quiet atmosphere of the morning full of sunlight and admire the natural scenery from the airy bedroom. Gently pushing the small door next to the balcony, you can fully capture a dreamy scene of the mountain.

With a minimalist yet elegant design with exquisitely handcrafted decorations, the Deluxe Balcony rooms of Panhou Retreat promise to bring you a peaceful feeling in your vacation amidst wild and beautiful nature.

  • 5 Rooms
  • Double or Twin Beds
  • 30 sqm.
  • 2 Adults 1 children



With the wonderful beauty in the midst of green nature, the Suite rooms at Panhou Retreat are the place to take you away from the bustle of daily life, making space for peaceful moments with your loved ones!

Lurking behind the trees is a Suite with a rustic palm roof. You can relax in a quiet afternoon nap or read your favorite book in the morning sunlight. The early summer days are the perfect time to reward yourself with a private vacation at Panhou Retreat.

With a good location right in the center of the resort, the Suite room has a beautiful view overlooking the green botanical garden full of flowers and plants. The delicate combination between a high-class private room and an open living room space with a small tea table, a wood fireplace or a sunny balcony will surely bring you quiet moments of relaxation.

  • 3 Rooms
  • Kingsize Beds
  • 60 sqm.
  • 2 Adults 1 children



Dormitory Room – a shared house in the middle of a green “oasis”

We dedicate all our youth to chasing passion, which makes everything lively and significant! It’s really great that we always have companions on every journey.

In order to welcome you to Hoang Su Phi as well as the majestic and poetic Thong Nguyen – Panhou Retreat has prepared a spacious Dormitory room for large groups of friends looking for a comfortable shared accommodation.

With an area of ​​about 90m2 including 16 separate beds, the Dormitory room has a view overlooking the green space of the resort. The storage area and the bathroom are designed to be private and spacious, providing the most comfortable living and resting space.

What could be more wonderful than being together to confide in after a long day of experiences and discoveries. The room lights are turned off but we keep whispering about unfinished stories…
It is wonderful to have such peaceful moments with sincere friends in the space of Panhou Retreat!

  • 10 Room
  • 16 single beds
  • 90 sqm.
  • 2 Adults